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Embrace Sensuality with Professional Male Massage in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset

Massage has been proven to alleviate stress. At Massage By Paul, I am a professional therapist performing male sensual massage and aromatherapy treatments. By treating yourself to a rejuvenating massage at my practice, you will be transported on a journey of serenity.

Professional Male Massage

Supported more than a decade of experience, I provide massages that are unrivalled in quality. By receiving a full-body, deep tissue massage, you will feel relaxed from your body’s core. I understand the human form, and know how the body works. I deliver a personalised, one-to-one service, and my customers often visit my studio for a massage time and time again.


My Luxurious Massage Studio

My calming studio has a wonderful atmosphere. During your stay I play subtle music in the background to relax you. My luxurious studio is also equipped with an en-suite shower. You will feel serene while resting on my comfy massage table, as I make you feel at ease. I also offer a type of male massage, while you lay on soft cushions on the floor.

Relax during a Tailored Massage

When you visit my studio, you receive a truly tailored treatment. I am able to treat any existing conditions you may have. 


I massage your body to relieve stress, while making sure you feel revived and refreshed. As an understanding practitioner, I always listen to your needs.


In addition to male sensual massage, I offer overnight accommodation. 


Simply get in touch with me to discuss the prices of my treatments.


Booking a Massage in Advance

Although I do have appointments available on the day, you may also book in advance. Contact me to check availability and arrange an appointment. I live four minutes off the M5, and my studio is easily accessed from major transport links. Due to the popularity of my services, booking in advance is advisable. My massages are priced at £60 per hour.

Contact me to find out more about the male sensual massage and aromatherapy treatments I perform at my tranquil studio.

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